Get your Discord Server powered with a

Secured Solana Wallet

DisWallet makes it easier to do fast and secured transactions with your community members in just a few simple commands.

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We are bringing the next phase of Community transactions in motion

Use DisWallet to pay for anything! Whether it's rent money, a tip to someone you wanna thank or a lost bet.

Discord 🤝 Crypto Wallet is the best partnership ever

The fastest way to pay someone in Discord, without leaving Discord.

Documentation Ready

All commands and features of DisWallet are documented in an easy to read notion document.

Easy Setup

You can start using DisWallet in seconds with just a few simple commands.


For people who'd like to have more control of their funds, we offer a non-custodial wallet feature that lets users sign transactions using their browser wallets.

Powered by Solana

Powered by the fastest blockchain in the world, DisWallet ensures that you can send money instantly to anyone.

DisWallet focuses on Security more than anything else

We use industry standard encryption methods to ensure that your crypto is always safe and secure.

Security audited by multiple independent third parties.

New custodial wallets are encrypted client side before it's stored.

Still anxious? Don't fret, use the non-custodial wallet feature.